IT Support and Solutions For Nonprofit Organizations

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You have a mission and a purpose, but your IT provider is holding you back.

When you need support and answers or when disaster strikes, they’re nowhere to be found. You’re stuck paying unpredictable IT bills each month for service that’s just as hard to rely on, and it feels like your IT provider is holding you back from doing the most good.
You need the benefit of a partner who meets the unique needs of licensure and renewals for recognized nonprofits. We have the experience with TechSoup and Microsoft to reduce license expenses and procure nonprofit benefits. Our strategic partnerships enable you to achieve preferred nonprofit rates.

Our Client Business Review process allows budgeting to occur any time to meet your needs. We understand that your nonprofit, like most, may be on a July 1 fiscal year.

Gant Systems acts as a true partner, with responsive support and a guide when you need it most. We’ll offer custom recommendations to help you make a difference, and we’ll make sure you actually understand them, with no geek speak.
We work from your perspective, sharing our experiences and expertise to lead you through. Keep your vulnerable data like grant submissions and donor lists safe and secure.
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Pay a fixed monthly rate for ongoing support

Onsite support for venue-based fundraisers

Enjoy responsive IT guidance

Get help from our nonprofit licensing specialists

Use IT as a way to expand your reach and impact real change

Results you can count on

These businesses and nonprofits are now more productive and secure.

Finding the right IT partner starts with a call.


Schedule your no-obligation discovery call

We dig in to understand your goals, needs, and wants. We ask questions, and more importantly, we listen.
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Receive tailored

We’ll provide easy-to-understand advice in everyday language – no geek speak.

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Experience IT confidence

We get to work taking care of your IT, and you get to stop worrying about it.

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