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Managed Cybersecurity Memphis

Protect your business from ransomware, viruses, and criminals with Gant System’s comprehensive, 3-phase cybersecurity system

Do you or your business experience…

A lack of employee cybersecurity training

60% of office workers don’t know about ransomware or what a phishing email looks like. With training from Gant Systems’ cybersecurity team, your staff will learn how to identify and avoid malicious links, and be armed with the skills and knowledge they need to keep your business secure.

Poor password management

Many people have easy-to-guess passwords that criminals can crack or find on the dark web. Gant Systems’ Multi-Factor Authentication prevents these scenarios by requiring users to provide two or more verification methods to prove their identity before accessing your critical files.

Worry that a breach could cause reputation and financial damage

A cybersecurity breach can be devastating to a business—causing data loss, downtime, and angry customers. But avoiding one is just a matter of preparation and proactivity. Our 3-phase cybersecurity system covers all your bases and helps you rest assured.

Compliance fears

The road to compliance can be a major headache that is confusing, time-consuming, and a drain on business resources. Gant Systems can simplify the process of implementing required compliance protocols by partnering with your auditing agency. We’ll review their reports and devise a plan to implement the audit recommendations to ensure you are compliant and aren’t at risk for penalties due to not adhering to regulations and industry standards.

Sophisticated cyberthreats require an advanced security solution

Antivirus has been a prominent cybersecurity solution for decades. But these days, it isn’t enough to protect your business. While antivirus can block known viruses, it’s unable to prevent modern-day threats like ransomware, phishing attempts, or large scale attacks. For this reason, Gant Systems offers a 3-phase system to provide comprehensive security for your business. With our Managed Cybersecurity, Memphis businesses get 24×7 Managed Threat Detection & Response, staff cybersecurity training, and Multi-Factor-Authentication. This 3-phase system provides complete peace of mind and advanced protection for the ever evolving threat landscape.
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Ironclad security is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Discover the power of Gant Systems’ 3-phase cybersecurity system


24×7 Managed Threat Detection & Response
An always-on second security layer that eradicates threats that have by passed other security or antivirus software. This advanced technology can contain a breach and limit damage by auto-remediating your threats or generating a service ticket for a responsive manual solution.


Staff cybersecurity training
We train your employees to spot suspicious activity and teach them how to prevent phishing, ransomware, and other malicious attacks. Simulated phishing campaigns are performed monthly with detailed reports provided that analyze employee performance.


Multi-Factor Authentication for password protection
Reduce your threat area for end-users and stop cybercriminals from accessing your critical files. Gant’s Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 prevents cyberattacks in your office and remotely, and periodic reviews ensure all active MS365 employees utilize the security feature.

5 benefits of Gant Systems’ Managed Cybersecurity

Peace of mind

Go about your business and life with ease. With Gant Systems’ Managed Cybersecurity, you’ll be certain your critical files, organization, and systems are protected from cyberthreats.


If a cyberattack occurs, you’ll feel confident your employees know how to act and that Gant Systems’ 3-phase security system has you covered

Critical files are secure

Breathe easy, knowing your most crucial business and employee files are protected from data loss, ransomware, phishing, and other cyberthreats.

Proactive protection

Gant’s cybersecurity training teaches employees how to identify and react to attacks, and our 24x7 Managed Threat Detection & Response can automatically flag and stop threats.

Happy customers

When you protect your data with Gant Systems’ Managed Cybersecurity, you protect your reputation and customers feel safer doing business with you.

Results you can count on

These businesses and nonprofits are now more productive and secure.

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Feel confident in your cybersecurity

Stop worrying about the security of your systems. Gant Systems’ 3-phase cybersecurity solution protects your IT, so you can focus on your business.
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