Cyber Security Training & Protection From Hacking

We give you the cyber security resources to ensure your whole team can spot and respond to suspicious activity.

Big data means cyber hacking and ransomware are more profitable than ever.

If a cyber-criminal gains access to just one employee email, your whole system is vulnerable. And now? Hackers aren’t trying to spread viruses anymore; they’re here to make a profit.


They will hijack all your files, prevent backups from syncing, and force you to pay a ransom to get the key to unlocking your files. Security software can prevent some of these attacks, but it will not stop ransomware phishing attempts.

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"60% of office workers don’t know about ransomware or what a phishing email looks like."

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Empower your team with the tools they need to stay protected.


Small business cyber security can be a challenge. As part of our eThreat protection model, we offer proactive phishing training and cyber security training to arm your employees with the skills and information they need to stay alert and protected.


We will train your employees to spot suspicious activity, and we will monitor your files in case of a data breach for added protection from hacking. 

Safeguard Your Organization

Give your team the knowledge they need to avoid phishing attempts
Worry less about hacking, ransomware, and cybercriminals
Get ongoing support and monitoring from trained professionals
Work from a carefully developed
IT security plan

"Thanks for the quick response. I am a little afraid to click on pop ups like that - if I gave everybody a virus, they would hurt me."

Ernestine S.
The Assisi Foundation of Memphis

Stay vigilant in the fight against cybercrime.

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