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Managed IT Services

Our mission is simple, to help businesses succeed. As your IT advocate and partner, we fit your solution to your business, not the other way around.

Gant Systems makes it easy to understand and budget your IT requirements by allowing you to establish an outsourced, managed IT services plan – which we call Gant Care.

Plans include on-site & remote support, break-fix, critical system monitoring, regularly scheduled maintenance, expert-level consulting and the same benefits of an enterprise IT department.

Plans may include the following:

7 Reasons to Consider Managed IT Services

1. We speak your language

It’s OK if you aren’t fluent in “geek speak.” When you tell us your problem, we know what questions to ask. And we won’t close the ticket until we’re sure everything is working properly.

2. We’re there when you need us

We have the systems and people in place to respond when needed. Systems are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your server goes offline in the middle of the night, rest assured we’ll receive the alert.

3. We actually listen when you talk

We don’t decide what’s considered an emergency – you do. Our duty is to solve your problem. If you can’t print before a big meeting, we understand that’s an emergency. We’ll take care of it for you. We make IT happen.

4. Stress-free billing

With Managed Services, you pay a flat monthly fee to support your existing infrastructure. Just budget and forget it. We’re looking out for you.

5. We free up your time

We don’t just provide top-notch tech support, we give you your old job back. We’ll take technology off your plate so you can focus on your goals. When an issue arises – no matter how small – just give us a call.

6. We make your life easier

We interact with all of your third-party service providers (think AT&T, Cisco, Microsoft, etc) on your behalf. We’ll also purchase your hardware and software for you to guarantee you get the right products.

7. Our team is the best, so you get the best

Thanks to our progressive company culture and better-than-competitive compensation, our team features some of the industry’s top talent. Combine talent with a commitment to training and dedication to customer service, and you get a trusted and reliable partner.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are probably a lot of differences. First, Gant Care is a fixed, flat rate service that eliminates the hassle and inconsistency of hourly technical consulting, allowing you to safely budget for your annual technology expenses. Second, Gant Systems has an array of services which can be put together in any combination. We don’t limit customers by creating different types of Managed Service agreements, rather each Gant Care agreement is customized to fit your unique needs.

    The biggest advantage is the flat rate. This means you – and we – don’t have to choose between the right solution and one that may be cheaper, but less effective. Plus, by choosing managed services, you’re building a long-term relationship. With Gant Care, you’ll have a primary and a secondary engineer who know your organization inside and out and are engaging with you on a monthly basis.

    Although we can fix many common problems remotely, the on-site maintenance we provide can be included in any Gant Care agreement.

    Our services are highly scalable and adaptable. After an in-depth evaluation of your needs, we work with you to determine and agree upon what is and isn’t covered.

    Some clients need a full IT partner, some clients have internal IT departments and use Gant Care Managed Services for a specific subset of their infrastructure. We fit our solution design to your business, not the other way around. We can schedule an assessment and engineer a partial support solution for your organization.

    This one’s easy: we’ll adapt to those changes with you! We monitor your monthly usage. If we notice your needs are changing – whether they’re growing or decreasing – we’ll work with you to adjust your plan.