Could your employees spot a phishing attempt?

Phish Your Employees: See Who Passes the Test

Gant Systems provides proactive cyber phishing training as part of our eThreat protection model. We will train your employees to spot suspicious activity and we will monitor your files in case of a data breach and proactively clean them up.

Big Data has made Cyber Hacking and ransomware more profitable than ever before. If a cyber-criminal can get just one of your employees’ email addresses, they can potentially gain access to your whole system.

But they aren’t trying to spread viruses anymore, they’re here to make a profit. They will hijack all your files, prevent backups from syncing, and force you to pay a ransom to get the key to unlock your files.

Having security software can prevent some of these attacks, but it won’t stop ransomware phishing attempts.

Half of ransomware attacks are aimed at office workers, and 60% of office workers don’t know about ransomware or what a phishing email looks like.

Contact us today to start training your employees with a free email phishing test.

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